Events Calendar

October 2nd 2018 Frederick W. Paine Undertaker
Frederick Paine Undertaker has been an institution in the Kingston area for over 100 years. During that time they have witnessed wars and pandemics, kept records which are now used for genealogical research and witnessed the changing British way of marking death. Brian Parsons of Paine’s will talk to us about the history of this prominent local company.

Speaker: Brian Parsons of F.W. Paine

November 6th 2018 The Great Benefactors of the National Gallery
British art galleries have long benefitted from the generosity of their wealthy patrons. This is particularly true of the National Gallery in London. Marcia Page will look at the National Gallery, its patrons and the contributions they have made both to the collections and the development of the Gallery itself.

Speaker: Marcia Page, Art and history lecturer.

December 4th 2018 Alphonse Mucha
Television antiques expert Eric Knowles makes a popular return to examine the work of Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. Mucha’s work is closely associated with the Art Nouveau movement and its distinctive style makes it instantly recognisable. In this lively talk Eric Knowles will discuss Mucha’s life and times as well as his work.

Speaker: Eric Knowles, Television antiques expert

January 8th 2019 AGM & Quiz
Our Annual General Meeting will be followed by our Christmas party and a jolly quiz on subjects ‘antique’.

Quizmaster/mistress: Toby Advised

February 5th 2019 The Baby Race of 1818
The unexpected death of Princess Charlotte in 1817 spurred a race among King George IV’s unmarried sons to find wives and produce an heir. James Eaton will tell the story of this period and how it eventually led to Victoria becoming queen in 1837.

Speaker: James Eaton, Lecturer and Royal Palaces guide

March 5th 2019 Wright’s of Luton – Hatters
Wrights have been involved in making ladies hats for over 300 years. They established their own company, Walter Wright Hats, in Luton in 1889 and it continues today. Our speaker, Philip Wright, will talk about hat making, his family firm, and his own career in designing and making ladies’ hats for individuals, films and theatre as well as boutiques around the world.

Speaker: Philip Wright, Hat designer and maker

April 2nd 2019 - was May 7th Whitefriars Glass
The company of James Powell & Sons, also known as Whitefriars Glass, was based in the City of London. From the 18th century onwards they were known for their glassmaking, leadlights and stained glass windows. During the 20th century the company specialised in art glass and that work is still highly prized today. Mike Beech will be talking about the company, its history and the work it produced.

Speaker: Mike Beech, Lecturer

May 7th 2019 Style and Power Dressing in Elizabethan England
Elizabeth 1 was a style icon who used fashion and symbolism to present herself to her subjects and the world at large. The talk focuses on Elizabethan power dressing and what it shows about status, power and politics.

Please note: this is a change from the previously advised change.

Speaker: Pat Mitchinson, Art and History Lecturer.

June 4th 2019 Secret Kingston
Discover more of the history of our neighbouring town where Saxon kings were once crowned. The market town features amongst the earliest royal boroughs, and the town’s original bridge was built as the first crossing point of the Thames upstream from London Bridge. Julian McCarthy will lead us as we uncover little known facts about the medieval town.

Speaker: Julian McCarthy, Author and tour guide